10 Tips From Dermatologists for Winter Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

dry skin in Winters

From excess humidity to cold dry air, there are plenty of reasons why your skin might feel irritated from time to time especially, during the winter. Thus, it becomes really essential to learn about how to take care of skin in winter naturally. 

If you have dry and constantly itchy skin, consider booking an appointment with the best dermatologist. In the meantime, read through this blog for some of the best winter skin care tips to keep your dry skin hydrated during the winters.

So, if  your skin refuses to succumb to moisturizers and even body lotions? Luckily there are ample techniques and tips that you can try to combat dry and itchy skin.

10 best tips for dry skin in Winters

Now that winters are here it’s time to gear up on products and solutions to give your dry skin the proper nourishment and care. 

While, there is no absolute solution to get rid of winter skin problems, especially in harsh winter conditions, we certainly do have a few skin care routine tips our sleeves so that dry skin will be the least of your concerns in the winters.

Take a look at the 10 best cold-weather skin care tips to combat dry skin in winter:

Apply body butter on skin

Since taking a bath in the winter seems like a non considerable option, make sure to hydrate your skin with Shea, cocoa and jojoba oil body butters. This is one of the unignorable winter skin care tips to have healthy skin in the cold weather. 

Follow a balanced diet

The dermatologists recommend having a diet that is rich in beta-carotene, especially during the winter. This will induce enough heat in your body to help skin renewal. From squashes to pumpkins, anything would do. There are plenty of vegetables that you can include in your diet for the winters. This must be followed as your cold weather skin care tips.

Vitamin C for the win

SPF during the winters is as important as any other time of the year. Keep your winter skin nourished and glowing with sunscreen.

Use eye cream and lip balm

It is not only your skin or face that requires constant care and moisturising during the winters. Your lips and eyes require the same. 

Make sure to apply lip balm throughout the day and an eye cream before sleeping.

Use aloe face mask

Busting the popular myth that face masks make your skin dry, there are plenty of face masks available out there that contain aloe gel which is actually extremely hydrating for the skin.

Introduce retinol to your routine

Retinol is commonly known for hydrating and plumping your skin, both of which qualities are extremely important for dry skin during the winters.

Mineral based sunscreen

The best dermatologists in Bangalore recommend using mineral-based sunscreen to create a protective shield between your dry skin and the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Use Hyaluronic acid based creams and moisturisers

Don’t be scared off by the term acid, this substance is actually best for hydrating and keeping your skin clear of dirt and oil particles.

Wash your skin

Yes! During winters it might seem like a tedious task but the more you cleanse your skin the less you will be prone to patchy and dry skin.

  • Use gel or cream based cleanser

As seasons change, so should your cleanser. According to the skin doctor it is highly important for your skin to stay nourished even when you are cleansing it. 

We hope the above-shared skin care tips for winters will help you keep good care of your skin in winter.

Say goodbye to winter skin problems and welcome winters with open arms. Consult the best dermatologists in Bangalore at Aarna Clinic and book an appointment today for more information on skin dermatology.



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