Acne Treatment / Pimple


  • Acne is chronic inflammatory disease of the sebum producing unit.
  • Acne is considered as a chronic disease due to its prolonged course,pattern of recurrence and relapse and manifestations.
  • Acne has significant psychological and social burden on the quality of life.

95% Boys n >85% Girls experience acne during their teenage yrs approximately.50% continue to suffer from acne in adulthood.


The development of acne involves a complex interaction between the main factors such as

Stress,Medication,Smoking,Endocrine diseases,Diet,Changes in sebum which increases the activity of sebaceous glands,Propinobacterium acne inflammation.

  • There are 2 maintypes of adult acne Persistent acne: that continues from adolescence to adulthood often with remission periods.This subtype is the mmost common.

Late onset acne: This begins long after puberty between 21 to 25yrs. Seen in about 20%.Women with late onset acne have less comedones.

HORMONES: Androgens play a key role in stimulating sebum production,pore clogging,inflammation and lead to development of severe acne. POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME account for over 90% cases of androgen excess.

  • Hormone related acne is usually seen along the jaw line,chin.


Its possible to develop both inflammatory and non inflammatory acne on the back.

Inflammatory lesions will be red and swollen.

Non inflammatory will be blackheads & whiteheads.

Common causes of acne breakout includes soaps,moisturisers with oils in them,hair products with sulphates,sweat, exposure to sunlight, shoulder pads,and other sporting equipment.


  • Moisturiser should be used in the morning regardless of skin type.
  • Aqueous non comedogenic moisturisers containing minimal allergenic ingredients are recommended.
  • Use if UVA/UVB sunscreen is recommended for all patients.
  • All skin care products and cosmetics should be anti comedonal and oil free.
  • Avoid overly drying cleansers as they increase the likelihood of enhancing irritation.
  • Gently wash as soon as possible after significant perspiration and wear loose fitting,absorbent clothing.
  • Skin needs varies with changing seasons.Skin tends to b drier in winter and oily in summer. Skin care products that are more drying and irritating such as toners,astringents,are better tolerated in summers


  • All adult acne patients use gentle,non soap cleanser and non comedogenic and oil free moisturiser.
  • Avoid touching acne or other facial eruptions with hands spreading infection further.
  • Keep your hair falling on your face.Dirt and oils increase acne.
  • Do not use oil based make up.
  • Use only non comedogenic products.
  • Follow your skin care regimen diligently.
  • Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water to wash of toxins from the body.
  • Take sufficient essential fatty acids.Body needs omega3,6 & 9 fatty acids.
  • Regular exercise &adequate sleep.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Reduce the stress level if possible.
  • Avoid sugary,iodized food,coffee and carbonated drinks.
  • Stop smoking as it makes skin dry up and break easily.
  • Wear soft cotton clothes to get relief from itching and irritation of acne on your back and shoulders.
  • Shower immediately after excercises.
  • Use a clean pillowcase.
  • Consult a dermatologist to treat severe outbreaks of acne.



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