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These are nothing but exfoliating agents applied on the surface of skin kept for few minutes and neutralised. They improve texture of skin, pigmentation evens the skin tone, softens the fine lines. There are many types of peels: glycolic peel, lactic, mandelic peels.

  • Superficial peels -most common used they act on the upper layers of epidermis these improve texture and gives the glow they very safe
  • Medicine (depth peels) – middle layers epidermis eg: TCA, phenol. Has to be applied under the supervision of dermatologist these help in melasma & frictional amyloidosis
  • Deep peels -not used in brown skin as they can cause severe side effect like severe resistant pigmentation.
  • Peel out by exfoliating the upper layer of epidermis as it has the ability to renew itself every 4-6 weeks. So exfoliating will improve the glow, pigmentation.
  • Chemical peels are the safest if done by expert hand of your dermatologist. Do you know most of ingredients of peels are derived from plant source glycolic acid-sugarcane lactic acid-milk, mandelic acid-apple. once has to be careful is assessing skin type of patient, peel to be used and concentration of peel, if the skins sensitive patch test can be done.
  • Your dermatologist is the best person to treat this because they will have the road map to the treat the condition. According to skin type your face wash, moisturizing cream, sunscreens, nights cream will be given.
  • Adherence to treatment and healthy lifestyle are very important
    Usually 2days before and 1week after the peel the night creams need to be stopped
  • Amount of exfoliation depends on the type and concentration of peel.
    Using plenty of moisturizing creams and sunscreen is a must which appropriate for skin type as suggested by the doctors.
  • Milder peels done once in 15days deeper peels once in 21days or 1 month. Number of sessions varies from person to person depending on underlying skin condition. results are noticeable after 3rd session.
  • Glycolic peel, TCA peel, retinol peel, cosmelan peel, dermamelan peel are well suited for pigmentation.
  • Salicylic peel, mandelic peel, retinol peel are well suited for acne.
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    Chemical Peel FAQs

    Certain cosmetic procedures and hair removal methods should be avoided. Stop practicing hair removal methods like electrolysis or depilatories about one week before the peel. In the week leading up to your peel, avoid hair dyeing, permanent curls or hair straightening treatments, face masks, and facial scrubbing. Approximately 24 hours before your peel, do not even shave the regions of your skin that will be treated for chemical procedures.

    1. Cleanse gently: For another 5-7 days after the chemical peel, your skin may be sensitive. Use ust your hands to cleanse your skin with cold water – no washcloths, scrub brushes, sponges, ClarisonicR, etc.
    2. Protect Your Skin: Direct sun exposure can cause skin irritation. For the first four weeks after treatment, avoid direct sun exposure of any type, as well as tanning beds and self-tanners on the treated regions. If you must be outside, remember to carry an umbrella or wear a large-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

    One may notice that the skin appears red for the first 24 hours or so following your chemical peel. Your skin will become dry and itchy eventually, but it’s preferable to allow this process to unfold gradually rather than peeling the skin before it’s ready to shed. It’s counterproductive to peel the skin before it’s ready to come off. The majority of the flaking should be finished in three to four days, but it might require up to 7 days for your new skin to develop. Hence it is advised to stay inside and avoid any exposure to the sun during this 1 week at least.

    Many individuals believe that with just one chemical peel, they may get the outcomes they seek. The expected benefits are generally seen after multiple therapy sessions. Most individuals see a few improvements after their initial chemical peel, but patients will be amazed at how much better their skin appears following many sessions across several months. However, the number of sessions required is best advised by your doctor, and it varies with individuals.

    At least for the first 4-6 hours avoid washing your face. After which you may wash your face with lukewarm or cold water only. The following day you may have to apply a sunscreen lotion with SPF of at least 30. From 3-5 days you may wash your face with a gentle cleanser. For the best advice consult our chemical peeling therapist.

    The treated areas of the skin will become dry and wrinkled many hours after the peel. You must moisturize your skin according to your dermatologist’s instructions. If you’re in any doubt, the easiest thing to use is ordinary Vaseline.

    Melanin activity is boosted by chemical peels. As a result, using a Vitamin C serum to soothe melanin cells is always a wise choice. However, it’s always the best practice to avoid any sort of creams until the next 48 hours.

    It’s also crucial that you keep your head elevated the night after the peel and for the next two weeks. This may be accomplished by sitting in a 45-degree chair or resting with two pillows under your head. Lying on your face is not a good idea. This is simpler to do if you rest on your back for the first two weeks.

    To reap the advantages of a peel, you don’t have to always peel. The peeling that is seen is really a side effect. Peeling actually takes place at the cellular level.

    Because everyone is different, the best time to get this treatment depends on the type of peel you want, the existing damage on your skin, and your age. You may repeat your treatment for the superficial or surface layer, peeling up around once a month. Deep peels, on the other hand, need more time for your skin to recover and must be done after two to three years.

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