Chin Augmentation in Bangalore

Add definition to your face, jawline and profile with the help of a chin implant! 

A chin augmentation is a procedure to modify or enhance the shape or size of your chin. Most people prefer getting chin augmentation for cosmetic purposes but the process is also a top choice for people who wish to reconstruct their face. 

The process includes cutting your skin, adding the implants in your face and then moulding the same as per your chin bone to make it more natural. 

Depending on your face shape and size, dermatologist at Aarna Clinic will choose the right chin implant for you. 

The procedure is complex, to say the least! Hence, choosing Aarna’s experienced dermatologist is vital. 

Get the best chin implant in Bangalore from Aarna Clinic for desired outcomes!

    Getting A Chin Augmentation Surgery
    Chin Augmentation procedure

    Why Consider Getting A Chin Augmentation Treatment

    Do you know that one of the major reasons people go through genioplasty or chin implant is because of their nose size? 

    Interesting, Isn’t it? 

    Well, imagine a big nose and a small chin. Certainly, not the best combination! 

    However, even if people have the best combination, they may still choose to go through a chin treatment because of some key reasons. 

    Correcting a weak chin

    Some facial injuries or other treatments may make your chin weak. To correct those side effects, people choose to undergo chin augmentation treatment and correct the posture of their chin. 

    Decreases Double Chin

    The double chin problem needs no introduction. In simple words, a double chin is only extra fat under your skin. To get rid of it and get the chin back in its best shape, people go through chin augmentation

    Improved Self-esteem

    Many people may lose their self-esteem because of a recessed chin. By getting chin treatment, such people gain their confidence back. A well-shaped and restructured chin gives their face a young look which makes them more confident in their appearance.

    Improved Jawline Definition

    With chin augmentation, you can get a better jawline shape which gives your face a more sculpted look. The Aarna doctor will shift the fat from your jawline, add an implant and mould it to make it structured.

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    Why Choose Aarna Clinic for Chin Augmentation?

    Providing satisfactory results for ages!

    Experienced Doctors

    Join right hands for the right treatment!

    At Aarna, our team of well-qualified and experienced doctors is all set to provide you with the best chin augmentation treatment in Jayanagar possible. Our doctors thoroughly understand each case to provide the best possible treatment.

    Uses Only Approved Products

    No compromise with authenticity and quality!

    At Aarna, we make sure never to compromise the quality of the products used. Our doctors use only FDA products in treatments. We maintain complete hygiene and aseptic precautions in all our treatments.

    Post-Treatment Services

    We are with you even after your treatment!

    What makes us stand tall as the best chin implant clinic in Bangalore is our post-treatment services.

    From prior treatment to post treatment, our team will be there to help you in your recovery. We will guide you through the whole post-treatment recovery to ensure you get the best results.

    Preparation For Chin Augmentation in Bangalore

    Get the best guidance from best-in-class doctors for treatment preparation! 

    Preparation is the key to get effective outcomes. Hence, no one better than a dermatologist to prepare you for the treatment.

    Also, you will have to run some lab tests before your chin implant treatment to ensure that you are in good health.

    Other than this, if you smoke or drink, you will have to quit for some time. Make sure to communicate with your dermatologist about any medications or antibiotics you are taking.

    The procedure of Chin Augmentation treatment

    To get a successful chin treatment, you need to know in depth of the procedure involved:

    • First provide you with local anaesthesia based on the complexity and duration of the process.
    • An incision will be made inside of your lower lip or outside of your chin depending on the need.
    • The doctor will then move excess fat, tissues and skin from a specific part. He will then insert the implant and mould it.
    • Next, the doctor will use dissolvable stitches to close the incision.
    • In the end, the doctor will apply an ointment and bandage.

    Recovery After Chin Augmentation

    Getting back to your normal schedule immediately after the injectable chin augmentation process would be a big “ No.”

    For a few weeks, the doctors will advise you to perform light exercises only.

    After the procedure, you may also notice some bruising or swelling on your face. Therefore, do not panic as it is normal. Other than that, you may be put on a soft diet for a few weeks.

    FAQ’s for Chin Augmentation Treatment

    Chin augmentation allows you to reshape or restructure your chin. You can also choose to get chin augmentation to get rid of the fat on your chin. Other than this, the procedure will give you a young and slim look as well.

    Anyone who is facing a recessed chin issue can go for a chin augmentation. However, your other vitals also play an important role in deciding if you are the right candidate for the treatment or not. Other than this, an ideal candidate must not smoke or drink. To know if you are the right candidate or not, reach out to the chin implant clinic in Bangalore and get your condition assessed.

    Before going through the chin augmentation treatment, you need to understand the risk involved. Common risks associated with the treatment are bruising, implant rejection, scarring, bleeding, and implant extrusion.

    After the treatment, you will have some swelling on your face which may take time to go away. Therefore, you can see the final results in approximately 3 months. However, make sure to analyse chin augmentation before and after results to see how the changes are.

    Chin augmentation may cost you anywhere between 80,000-1,20,000 INR in India. However, the overall cost of chin augmentation cost in Bangalore depends on the locality, the experience of the doctor, methods and products being used.


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