Dermal Filler Treatment in Bangalore

As we age the facial structure starts modifying we can see lines across the more (masolabial fold) Dropped cheeks, sunken eyes, formation of jowls. These facial changes can be contoured very well with fillers these are nothing but hylauronic acid contents which is a collages substances which supports the skin naturally it is present in the second layer of skin.

  • It restores the volume most (under eye, templearea of forehead)
  • It is used in augmestation for high cheek bones.
  • It can be used to enhance the lip pout chin contouring.
  • Hydration of face and hands
  • Restoration volume lost on the dorsune of hands.
  • There are different kinds of fillers for different concerns
  • The procedure takes 30mints to 1hour.
  • The syringes come with refilled anaesthetic contents results are immediate so before and after pictures can be compared immediately post procedure makes around 10days to completely settle down.its non-allergic
  • Usually stays upto 8months to 1.5yrs

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    Acne Scar & Striae Treatment

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