General Dermatology Treatment in Bangalore

Various skin conditions like psoriasis, fungal infections, bacterial infections, eczemas of hand and foot, asteatotic dermatitis can also be treated at AARNA.

Dermatologist takes a through history, detailed examination and guide patient with the appropriate treatment.

Radiofrequency ablations:

It is nothing but simple removal of skin lesions like milia, Molluscum contagiosum, skin warts, skin tags, Pyogenic granuloma


A numbing cream is applied on the lesion to be removed then radio frequency tip is used. The heat energy coagulates the lesions and forms a crust which will fall off in next 3-5days. Topical antibiotic cream is given for 5-7 days

General Dermatology Treatment

    Acne Scar & Striae Treatment

    Acne Scar & Striae Treatment

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