Q-Switch Nd-YAG Laser Treatment In Bangalore

Tattoo removal has become more common due to the availability of advanced lasers Tattoo pigment usually settle down in the second layer of skin I.e dermis.

Mechanism of action:

The tattoo pigment is broken down into smaller particles by q-switch Nd YAG laser then these are carried by macrophages of the body

Different wavelength are used for different colors of tattoos

  • Black tattoos are easiest to remove.
  • Done once in 4-6 weeks. The area is first numbed with anaesthetic cream.
  • Complete removal depends a colour of the tattoo, location.
  • Superficial tattoos requires lesser sessions than deep tattoos.
  • Tattoos over trunk, neck, chest respond better
  • Mild image may be left behind, mild discolouration of the skin may be present.
  • An antibiotic cream given for 5-7 days.
Laser used Q-Switch Nd-YAG

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