Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Bangalore

Skin pigmentation can be due to various reasons. Like

Sequel of acne, Sun exposure (sun tanning), Melasma, Freckles, frictional, amyloidosis, Lichen planus pigmentosus, Perioral dermatitis, Acanthosis nigricans, Vitamin deficiency, Pigmentary demarcation lines.

For those seeking solutions for various skin pigmentation concerns, including the mentioned issues, exploring Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Bangalore is essential. Consulting with dermatological professionals in Bangalore can provide personalized insights and effective treatment plans to address specific skin pigmentation issues.

MELASMA: Is a nothing but pigmentation the forehead, nose, cheeks, upper lip seen in women of childbearing age group. Hormonal imbalance it can involve both first and second layer of skin.

TANNING: Prolong sun exposure without using proper sunscreen seen in darker skin people.

SEQUALE OF ACNE: When the acne is healing can have behind dark marks.

FRECKLES: Dark brown spots on the face, neck arms. It can be hereditary and seen in white people. These are formed due to seen exposure

LICHEN PLANES PIGMENTATION: Commonly seen in face, neck arms. The colour of the skin is bluish black. These are exaggerated by hair dyes containing PPD the pigmentation present in dermis.

ACANTHOSIS NIGRICANS Skin gets thicker, darker, shiny on the face, around the neck. It can result due to weight gain, diabetes. Weight management becomes most important along with other treatment.

PERIORAL DERMATITIS: Discoloration around the mouth in darker individuals. Most commonly occurs due to reaction with cosmetics.

Skin Pigmentation

    VITAMIN DEFICIENCY: Leads to pigmentation around mouth area and knuckles. Diagnosis done with blood tests and vitamin B12 supplementation.

    FRICTIONAL AMYLOIDOSIS: Patchy macular type of pigmentation seen along the forearms, upper back, chest, skin bone. It is caused by friction and deposition of material called amyloid.

    A dermatologist first needs to do a detailed history and through examination of skin to come to a conclusion to know the root cause of pigmentation. If necessary a biopsy needs to be done to confirm the diagnosis.

    Various treatment options are available usually combined treatments are give if pigmentation is deeper and darker.

    • Chemical peels
    • Micro dermabrasion
    • Carbon laser peel
    • PRP
    • Q switch Nd-YAG
    • PRP, mesotherapy

    Along with the treatment a good use of broad spectrum screen, moisturizing cream and skin lightening creams are must.

    Oral supplementation of vitamin C, antioxidants may also be required.

    • Number of session and type of treatment varies from person to person and on the etiology
    • It’s always best to adhere to the treatments and creams given by the dermatologist.

    Laser Skin Pigmentation Cost In Bangalore

    In Jayanagar Bangalore, the cost of laser treatment for pigmentation depends on the type of laser used, the amount of pigmentation, and the number of sessions that are needed. The prices range from INR 2,500 to INR 8,000 per time the most.

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