Striae Stretch Marks Removal

These are sign of rapid increase in size of the skin which causes tearing of skin. This could be due to

  • Rapid growth as in puberty, pregnancy later stages
  • Weight gain, muscle gain.

A sudden increase in stretch mark indicates hormonal imbalance. They can be seen on the abdomen, arms thighs, knee, initial stages it will be red in color with time fade to white

  • Can be prevented by restricting sudden weight gain which can be achieved by healthy life style
  • Using Vitamin E based emollients, retinal based creams
  • PRP micro needling
  • Fractional CO2 laser
  • Fractional micro needling RF
  • It is done under local anaesthetic cream application. After The area to be treated is cleansed and number with anaesthetic cream and micro needling done followed by spreading of PRP serum. Post treatment moisturizing creams need to be used
  • Avoid swimming and heavy exercises for week
  • 6-8 sessions once a month duration for good improvement can be seen after 4th session.
Striae (Stretch Marks)

    Acne Scar & Striae Treatment

    Acne Scar & Striae Treatment

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