Thread Lift Treatment in Bangalore

Cosmetic treatments do not have to be painful! 

Thread lift treatment is a minimally invasive method to perform facelift treatment. The procedure includes inserting the medical-grade thread under your skin. The doctor will then tighten your skin by tightening the inserted thread. 

This minimally invasive and painless procedure is gaining popularity over recent years because of the minimal recovery and maintenance. 

But wait! There’s a lot more to thread lifts that a doctor can guide you through! 

To know more about the whole procedure, consulting a doctor is the best idea. Make the whole process easier for you by getting guidance from our experienced doctors. 

Visit our thread lift clinic in Bangalore and start your journey to transforming your body!

    Thread Lift Treatment in Bangalore
    How Effective Is Thread Lift Treatment

    How Effective Is Thread Lift Treatment?

    The benefits of thread lift treatment are endless! 

    Since thread lift is a non-invasive procedure, it is quite easier to recover from it. This is why most people prefer going for thread lift treatment. 

    But is it permanent? Is it effective? 

    Let’s be honest, thread lift treatment is not permanent. You can observe the successful effects of the treatment for 1 to 3 years. 

    Similarly to any other derma fillers, threads are also dissolved in the tissues present under your skin. 

    However, the effectiveness of the procedure depends upon the recovery and condition of your case.

    Find the best possible solution in your case by visiting our clinic for thread lift skin treatment in Bangalore!

    Why Choose Aarna Clinic for Thread Lift Treatment in Bangalore?

    Precision, Accuracy and Professionalism define us! 

    Certified professionals

    Our unmatched and outstanding professionals offer advanced and modern cosmetic treatments based on the latest technologies in the world. Our doctors have genuine, practical and extensive experience in the field of cosmetic treatment. 

    24/7 Care

    At Aarna clinic, you are in the safe hands of experienced doctors who will provide you with 24/7 pre and post-operative care. Before your treatment, the team will guide you through the complete procedure and post treatment aftercare. 

    Cutting-Edge Technology

    With all the cutting-edge technology, Aarna clinic provides you with affordable practices that you can use to transform your bodies. What makes us different from other thread lift clinics is our top-notch and global standards-based treatments. 

    From day one to post your treatment, our team will maintain a follow-up with you! Call us today to book your appointment and get your transformation started at the earliest!

    Preparation For Thread Lift Treatment

    Following preparation guidelines is preliminary! 

    It’s not just the duty of the dermatologists to get the best results from the thread lift treatment. It is equally your duty as well! 

    After getting the exact dates of your treatment, you need to prepare yourself physically. 

    • If you take any special painkillers or antibiotics, you will have to stop taking them at least 1 week before your treatment. 
    • Make sure that you communicate well with your dermatologist and let them know about any health complications you are facing. 
    • Try avoiding any stress before the treatment and have a good sleep. 
    • Eat light and non-spicy food to stay clear of any triggers in the diet. 

    Take pictures to analyse thread lift before and after effects.

    Procedure for Thread Lift Treatment

    The procedure for thread treatment for face lifting is different from other areas. The procedure followed will also depend on the preference of your doctor. However, the basic procedure remains the same. 

    • To begin with, you will be told to reconcile in the operation room. 
    • Your doctor will then apply a topical anaesthetic or alcohol to the area to sedate it. 
    • Next, the doctor will use a cannula or a needle to insert the thread into your skin. This procedure can take up to 45 minutes to complete. 
    • After completing the procedure, the doctor will remove the insertion method. At this point, you may start feeling tightness and pressure on the skin. 
    • When the procedure is complete, the doctor will observe your situation and will then send you home the same day. 

    The procedure can always vary depending on the current situation of your skin. 

    Are you still looking for the best thread lift clinic near you? Do not miss out on a chance to get treated by renowned doctors of Aarna clinic.

    Get in touch with us and go home with a contoured and perfect-shaped face!

    Recovery And Aftercare For Thread Lift Treatment

    Aftercare is as important as preparing yourself for the treatment! 

    To get effective results post your treatment, it is important to follow the prescribed thread lift aftercare routine. 

    • After the treatment, tingling or soreness is very common. Therefore, even if you have the urge to scratch your face, make sure not to do it. 
    • Post-treatment, you can get back to your work the same day. However, make sure to avoid any heavy exercises and eat soft foods for a week. 
    • Make sure not to have a face massage or apply any facial oil for almost 2 weeks post-treatment. 
    • Do not bathe or take a hair wash for 24 hours post-treatment. 
    • Avoid taking a sauna or hot bath for a week. 
    • Make sure to lie down on your back and avoid laying on your stomach. 

    Your dermatologist will let you know in case any additional precaution is required in your case. 

    To get the best pre and post-thread lift procedure services, Aarna clinic would be a perfect place. Get guidance pre and post-your treatment from our experts to get effective results.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Thread Lift Treatment in Bangalore

    • What should you not do after a thread lift?

    After the thread lift skin treatment, you need to avoid sleeping on your side or stomach for some time to ensure that there is no pressure on the treated area. Additionally, make sure not to drink alcohol or smoke after your treatment. For some time, you need to avoid massaging your face or applying any kind of makeup products. 

    • How long does it take for the thread lift to settle?

    You may notice some results instantly after the treatment but with time, collagen levels will become normal in your body which will only enhance the results. Keeping that in mind, it can take up to two weeks for the thread facelift to settle. 

    • Can a thread lift be undone?

    Yes, you can undo the thread lift but no doctors recommend you undo it. If you still want to go for the procedure, make sure to talk to your doctor and know all the complications and possibilities. 

    • What is the fastest way to recover from a thread lift?

    The only way to recover faster from a thread lift is to follow proper thread lift aftercare. Make sure to avoid drinking, smoking and sleeping in a specific position that can harm the stitches. 

    • How long do I need to sleep on my back after the thread lift?

    You need to sleep on your back for about a week after the thread lift. This will help you decrease pressure on the target or operated area. 

    • Can thread lift damaged nerves?

    Although thread lift is a safe and secure procedure, like any other treatment, complications are associated with it as well. One such complication can be damaged nerves. However, note that this is an extremely rare case.

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