What is the carbon facial cost in Bangalore?

carbon facial cost in Bangalore

Chemical peels are rejuvenating procedures that leave the skin smooth and youthful-looking. Carbon is used in carbon peels and facials, which brighten the skin and cure a range of skin issues.

Ever wonder how a lighter, brighter appearance might be achieved with charcoal carbon? It’s known by scientists as “rising from the ashes.” Charcoal, in its liquid form, has a high carbon content that allows it to enter deeper layers of skin to cure a variety of skin conditions, including wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars.

Carbon facials are a safe, non-invasive therapy that tightens pores and improves skin laxity. It eliminates early symptoms of aging and lessens pigmentation by preventing dirt and bacteria from building up in the pores.

Everything you need to know about carbon facials, including their advantages, how they work, and how much they cost in India, is covered in this article.

What Is A Carbon Facial?

Treatments for skin renewal are very popular for enhancing the integrity, tone, and texture of the skin. The carbon facial, sometimes referred to as the carbon peel or the carbon laser facial treatment, is one such skin-resurfacing therapy.

During skin peels, carbon solution is used in carbon facials. It’s a non-invasive, reasonably painless process. Acne, oily skin, spots, wrinkles, and other problems are treated as it revitalizes and uniformly exfoliates the skin. Mild to moderately severe skin conditions can be treated with it.

Types of Carbon Facial Treatment

Carbon Laser Facial:

  • Targets acne and oily skin
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Improves skin texture and tone

Carbon Peel Facial:

  • Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells
  • Unclogs pores and reduces blackheads
  • Enhances overall skin radiance

Carbon Rejuvenation Facial:

  • Fights signs of aging
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes a youthful and refreshed appearance

Carbon Detox Facial:

  • Purifies the skin by removing toxins
  • Cleanses and tightens pores
  • Restores skin’s natural balance

How Much Does A Carbon Facial Cost In Bangalore?

Depending on the skin type and type of laser utilized, carbon facials or charcoal facial peels are outpatient procedures that can take approximately 20 to 30 minutes. There are no invasive techniques used throughout the operation, such as pinching or pricking. It has the most impact while exfoliating the skin only a little bit. In India, the price of a carbon facial can range from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 6,000 each session.

The following variables affect the carbon face cost:

  • The skin type,
  • Type of laser used,
  • The clinic’s facilities,
  • Time taken to perform a session,
  • The doctor’s expertise and experience.

Who Should Get A Carbon Laser Facial?

Carbon laser facial treatment is best for :

  • As it helps to lessen germs that cause acne, people with very oily and acne-prone skin should benefit from it.
  • For individuals who desire younger, more radiant skin, this therapy is the perfect choice.
  • Individuals who desire to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, and facial imperfections.
  • Those who want to tighten their drooping facial skin.

How Do Carbon Facials Work?

Laser stimulation is a common component of carbon facials. The skin’s melanin component is broken down by the carbon in the carbon solution, giving the skin a brilliant, uniform tone. In addition to enhancing skin elasticity and firmness, the carbon application and lasers enable the formation of collagen, which shrinks big pores in the skin. The processes for a carbon facial, also known as a carbon facial peel, are listed below.

Carbon lotion application: The first step in a carbon facial is to apply the skin with the richly carbonated, dark-greyish carbon lotion. The skin is exfoliated and made ready for the next phases in the face procedure by the carbon lotion or solution. The dirt, oil, and other impurities on the skin’s surface stick to the lotion as it dries. And they peel off the skin as the dermatologist removes the dried carbon ointment.

Laser treatment: Following a peel, the skin is warmed using lasers. The type of laser needed depends on the type of skin. A laser is applied to the skin as the lotion dries, heating the carbon lotion and enabling it to absorb the pollutants. Pulsed lasers are used to break down carbon particles and promote the formation of collagen and elastin after warming lasers.

Facials and carbon peels are gentle procedures that don’t require the application of numbing creams or lotions beforehand. All skin types and age groups can benefit from this treatment, which requires no downtime and allows you to resume your routine right away.

After just one carbon facial treatment, the skin tone is more radiant, wrinkles are less noticeable, and scars are minor. For best results, avoid direct sun exposure following this non-invasive procedure if there is no particular aftercare. It is strongly advised to use sunblock formulas to reduce sun damage.

What Are The Benefits Of Carbon Facials?

After just one carbon facial treatment, the skin tone is more radiant, wrinkles are less noticeable, and scars are minor. For best outcomes, avoid direct sun exposure following this non-invasive procedure without taking any extra care. Sunscreen formulas, however, are strongly advised to minimize sun-induced skin damage.

Carbon facials address a range of skin conditions, such as acne and other indicators of early aging. Additionally, it clears the skin pores of oil, germs, and dirt. Over time, it stops pimples and scars from pigmentation.

Among the possible advantages of laser therapy are:

  • There are no adverse consequences from this safe surgery, and anesthesia is not necessary.
  • There will be no redness, bruising, inflammation, or infections as a result of this non-irritating treatment.
  • Multiple sittings can be done to get noticeably better skin tone and texture.
  • It encourages the synthesis of elastin and collagen, giving the skin a firmer, more elastic texture.
  • It treats drooping skin and lessens the early indications of skin aging.
  • Additionally, it encourages the elimination of dead skin cells and the renewal of new skin cells.
  • enhances the luster and texture of the skin while reducing dark spots, blemishes, oily skin, and acne scars.
  • It moisturizes the skin, bringing forth its natural radiance.
  • It regulates the production of oil or sebum from the pores and reduces the sebaceous glands.
  • It aids in removing whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Men and women alike can choose it because it works well for all skin types.
  • It aids in preventing potential skin infections.

It is generally advised to have numerous carbon facial sessions (more than 4 to 6 sessions spaced a few weeks apart) for optimum, effective, and desired effects, even though one session can produce noticeable benefits.


Advanced carbon facials fix minor skin flaws. It provides a glow and smooths skin. This non-gender-specific therapy works on all skin types over 18. Crow’s feet, wrinkles, pimples, dark spots, and fine lines are treated.

Multiple treatments a couple of weeks apart are said to yield permanent improvements. This painless technique restores youthful, even-toned skin without side effects. Visit Dr. Pavithra HN for the best carbon peel and full treatment at affordable prices.

For the latest information on the cost of carbon facial treatments at Aarna Clinic in Jayanagar, it’s recommended to contact Dr. Pavithra HN directly. Costs may vary based on individual requirements and specific treatment plans. Reach out to the clinic for accurate pricing details and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pavithra HN to discuss your skincare needs and preferences.

Please note that the availability of these types may vary between skincare clinics. For specific information on the types of carbon facials offered and their respective costs, it is recommended to contact local skincare professionals or aesthetic centers.


What is the carbon facial cost in Bangalore?

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