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Heart is a MUSCULAR organ consisting of right and left thin walled ATRIA and right and left thick walled VENTRICLES. Inner lining of Heart is called ENDOCARDIUM, middle muscular layer is MYOCARDIUM, outer fibrous covering layer is PERICARDIUM . Right ventricle powers the Pulmonary circulation (Flow of blood to and back from lungs). Left ventricle powers the Systemic circulation (Flow of blood to all parts of body and drain back to right atrium) Tricuspid valve on right side and mitral valve on left side maintain unidirectional flow from Atria to Ventricles.

Blood from whole body returns to right atrium through the great veins- superior and inferior venacava. After the right ventricle relaxes, tricuspid valve opens and RV fills from right atrium. As right ventricle begins to contract , the pressure in right ventricle closes the tricuspid valve and opens the pulmonary valve through which blood flows into pulmonary artery.

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