Advantages of Permanent Hair Loss Procedure Over Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Permanent Hair Loss vs. Non-Surgical Hair

Why visit a hair loss clinic when you can order a hair replacement system online?

Hair systems for men and hair units for women are gaining attention, but non-surgical options like men’s hair toppers and artificial hair prostheses may not be the ideal long-term solution for your hair loss.

While temporary options like fake head toppers can avoid permanent hair transplant surgery, artificial replacement hair units, often lasting less than 12 months, fail to convincingly mimic natural hair, even when made of real human hair.

Before investing in male hair units or hair topper systems, consider medical clinic hair loss treatments like PRP, PRF, laser therapy, and permanent hair grafting (DHI and FUE transplants), offering more enduring hair care benefits than temporary solutions.

Tired of temporary solutions for your hair loss?

Contact the Aarna hair loss team now for a consultation on permanently restoring your hair with a lasting solution!

Advantages of In-Clinic Hair Loss Treatments Compared to Hair Systems/Units

With over two decades in the hair loss industry, Aarna Clinic’s experienced professionals empathize with the frustration of hair loss in both men and women. While non-surgical hair replacement systems offer temporary relief and aesthetic enhancements, such as covering bald spots or hiding receding hairlines, it’s essential to consider effective medical treatments like hair transplantation and non-invasive therapies such as laser light and platelet-rich therapy for lasting results.

Experience the Aarna Advantage: Restoring Hair Naturally & Permanently

Opting for professional hair loss or regrowth treatments offers numerous advantages over nonpermanent hair systems for both women and men.

We understand the urgency to address visible hair loss and thinning. While temporary solutions like hair loss units may provide short-term relief, they appeal to individuals stressed about their appearance due to conditions like alopecia, male pattern baldness, PCOS hair loss, telogen effluvium, postnatal hair loss, and menopause.

Aarna clinic offer a wide range of effective hair restoration treatments. Our Jayanagara clinic is renowned for various hair transplants, including:

  • DHI hair transplant
  • FUE hair transplant

We also offer hair restoration for beards and eyebrows!

Permanent Hair Loss Treatment vs. Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

FeaturePermanent Hair Loss TreatmentNon-Surgical Hair Replacement
Type of TreatmentMedical procedures or medicationsConcealment or camouflage techniques
GoalRegrow new hair follicles and permanently stop hair lossCreate the illusion of thicker, fuller hair
ExamplesHair Transplants (FUE, FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)Hairpieces, wigs, toppers, hair extensions, volumizing powders, colored hairsprays
ResultsPermanent, natural-looking hair growthTemporary, requires ongoing maintenance
Recovery TimeVaries depending on procedure (typically weeks)Minimal to none
CostHigher upfront cost (can range from Rs. 1,11,000 to Rs. 1,48,000)Generally lower upfront cost, but ongoing expenses for maintenance products or replacements
SuitabilityIdeal for significant hair loss, male pattern baldnessSuitable for various stages of hair loss, thinning hair, or those seeking a non-surgical option
Side EffectsPotential for scarring, temporary pain, swelling, and infectionMay cause scalp irritation or discomfort with certain products
MaintenanceNo additional procedures needed for transplanted hairRegular cleaning, styling, and potential replacements needed for non-surgical options

Additional Points:

  • Success Rates: Both options have good success rates when performed by qualified professionals.
  • Scalp Laxity: Hair transplants are not suitable for very loose scalp tissue.
  • Non-surgical options offer immediate results while hair transplants take time for new hair growth to become visible.

Choosing Between Them:

  • For permanent hair restoration: Hair transplant might be the better choice.
  • For those seeking a non-surgical option or with less extensive hair loss: Non-surgical hair replacement could be a suitable approach.

Pros and Cons for Permanent Hair Loss Treatment and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

AspectPermanent Hair Loss TreatmentNon-Surgical Hair Replacement
ProsLong-lasting resultsImmediate results
Natural-looking hair growthNon-invasive
Addresses underlying causes of hair lossNo surgery required
Permanent solution to hair lossNo scarring or downtime
ConsHigher upfront costTemporary results
Potential for scarring and infectionMay require ongoing maintenance
Downtime for recoveryLimited customization options
Surgical procedureMay not suit all types of hair loss

Disclaimer: This information is for general knowledge only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult with a qualified dermatologist or hair restoration specialist to discuss your individual situation and determine the most appropriate treatment for your hair loss concerns.


Considering visible hair loss and the availability of online hair replacement systems, you may question the need for visiting a hair loss clinic. While temporary options like hair toppers offer relief, they may not provide a long-term solution.

Temporary solutions lack the natural appearance of real hair. Instead, consider medical clinic treatments like PRP, laser therapy, and hair transplantation for lasting results.

At Aarna Hair Loss Clinic, we offer effective hair restoration treatments. Our experienced professionals provide personalized solutions to address your concerns. Contact us for a consultation to achieve permanent, natural-looking hair restoration.


Advantages of Permanent Hair Loss Procedure Over Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

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