Mesotherapy Hair Treatment in Bangalore

Mesotherapy is a perfect method for improving hair condition and also helps in gaining a healthy appearance to hair. Mesotherapy is a procedure that mainly targets the factors which are responsible for hair growth. This method reduces the thinning of hair, one of the main reasons for severe hair fall illness. This therapy involves injecting medications with anti-inflammatory mediums such as hyaluronic acid directly into the scalp.

Mesotherapy helps in improving different forms of alopecia, like telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, and stress alopecia. The main aim of this meso hair therapy in Bangalore is to restore and increase microcirculation in the scalp, thus providing nutrients and helping in hair follicle stimulation and this also promotes hair regrowth.

Who is an ideal candidate for mesotherapy hair treatment?

Individuals who are suffering from hair conditions like pattern baldness, patchy hair loss, progressive thinning, or alopecia must undergo a mesotherapy procedure. Let us also have a look at the below indication for mesotherapy hair treatment:

  • Excessive hair loss
  • Seborrhea of the scalp associated with the breakdown of sebaceous glands;
  • Dandruff
  • Scratched and dry scalp
  • Increased hair fragility and split hair
  • Volume loss in basal area

During the consultation with Dr. Pavithra HN, you can investigate if you are an ideal candidate for mesotherapy. A dermatologist will give you a thorough scalp exam. This will help patients find out the reason for hair loss with the help of a blood test. Some patients also need a procedure called a scalp biopsy.

What is the cost of mesotherapy hair treatment in Bangalore?

The cost of mesotherapy in Bangalore depends on the type of treatment and the number of sessions. As mesotherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure and does not involve surgery, the treatment is completely customizable according to the requirement of an individual.

The Mesotherapy hair treatment cost in Bangalore depends on the number of sessions. Let us have a look at the factors on which the cost of Mesotherapy depends:

  • Quality of equipment used for the procedure
  • The addition of nutritive components
  • Number of sessions required

What are the advantages of mesotherapy hair treatment?

Mesotherapy in Bangalore is based on the principle that the right nutrients help in the growth of hair thus slowing the procedure of baldness. Lets us have a look at the advantages of mesotherapy hair treatment:

  • Painless process: a numbing cream is utilized on the area to make sure that the procedure is comfortable. The microneedles only penetrate the skin to the middle layer, also known as mesoderm.
  • Slows hair loss: the nutrients in the injections are chosen because of their rejuvenating properties. Mesotherapy mainly stimulates the blood circulation to the scalp thus reducing inflammation and also provides scalp follicles with basics of nourishing proteins, vitamins, and minerals which enhance the growth of hair.
  • Neutralizes excess DHT: the cause of alopecia and male-pattern baldness is due to excess dihydrotestosterone in the sufferer. The excess production of DHT shortens the hair life cycle thus resulting in premature balding, especially over the gulfs and vertex of the scalp. The nutrients which are used in the treatment mainly neutralize the excess DHT, thus allowing hair roots to resume their normal life cycle for healthy and prolonged growth.
  • Fast recovery and effectiveness: the recovery from each session is fast and painless. Though some patients may experience soreness of the scalp or minimal bruising from the microinjections.
  • Advanced results: mesotherapy is a proven and effective method to slow down the hair thinning process thus increasing the volume of hair. This process is ideal for both men and women experiencing alopecia at different stages of development.

How do you prepare for hair mesotherapy procedure?

You must meet the doctor ahead of the procedure time. You must avoid having aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs before the procedure. These pain relievers increase the risk of bleeding and bruising during mesotherapy.

How this treatment works and helps?

Mesotherapy hair treatment mainly consists of bio-stimulation, a treatment that biologically activates hair cells via small injections which are painless and subcutaneous. It reverses follicle shrinkage and boosts hair thickness and growth.

The mesotherapy solution is injected into the scalp of the patient which contains a combination of specific chemicals, vitamins, co-enzymes, and amino acids which are tailored based on the requirement of the patient. This helps in collagen synthesis and cell proliferation and this helps in improving hair density.

Mesotherapy mainly encourages the growth of new and healthy hair strands.

Mesotherapy for hair is performed in two ways:

Chemical Mesotherapy: ingredients such as minoxidil, buflomedil, finasteride, dutasteride, biotin, vitamins, and organic silicium are mainly injected into the skin’s mesodermal layer. These ingredients work collectively to stimulate natural growth by improving blood circulation, neutralizing excess DHT thus reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production to hinder the hair loss process.

Mechanical Mesotherapy: in this, the dermatologist will create micro-perforation in the affected area which induces hair growth. This triggers the collagen and elastin procedure in the scalp. These help in the formation of new tissues in the hair. Also, during this procedure, there is no damage to the collagen.

The duration of the treatment mainly differs according to the individual.

Why should I choose Aarna Aesthetic Dermatology for mesotherapy?

Aarna Aesthetic Dermatology clinics have been providing exceptional results. We thrive to offer the highest quality results at affordable costs with highly trained and experienced professionals. Aarna Clinic uses advanced techniques to induce hair regrowth treatment which is 100% safe. Dr. Pavitra identifies the right procedure especially customized according to the needs of the patient.

Our dedicated mesotherapy hair treatment in Bangalore helps you retain your hair growth. We offer completely affordable mesotherapy hair treatment for both men and women.

What are the risks associated with mesotherapy hair treatment?

Mesotherapy hair treatment in Bangalore copes with problematic hair. An individual who undergoes mesotherapy says that the risk is minimal. The side effects of mesotherapy hair treatment include:

  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Sensitivity
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Bumps at the injection site
  • Dark patches of skin
  • Rash
  • Infection
  • Scars

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure with no downtime associated. Many individuals are able to return to their regular activities soon. Some individuals can also take a day off due to swelling and pain.

Before/After Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Regrowth Timeline

Exposure to the sun must be avoided for 48 hours after the treatment. You must avoid washing your head or taking both for atleast 8 hours after the mesotherapy treatment.

Patients who have undergone mesotherapy can expect new hair growth along with increasing their existing hairline and improving the density, health, and texture of hair.

The pain during the procedure is subjective and patient-specific. For some people, they perceive it as a hot massage and for some people it is unbearable. For some patients, the doctor may also suggest numbing gel or topical anesthesia one hour before the procedure which reduces the pain sensation. Mesotherapy is a safe procedure and there are no long-term side effects.

One requires atleast 4 sessions. The treatment can be continued further upto 10 to 12 sessions providing good results by combining therapies such as anti-hair loss solutions, stem cell serum, and platelet-rich plasma.

Mesotherapy has a 90 to 92% of success rate for the regeneration of the hair.