How to use shampoos and conditioner for the hairs

General Rule

Shampoo: Has to be applied for the scalp that is to the hair roots.

Conditioner: Has to be applied from the tip of the hair.

How it works?

SHAMPOO: Its work is to get rid of the scalp build up it washes away the dead cells, dirt,sebum(oil) residual hair products and residual secretions of the scalp.

  • Dilute the shampoo and then use for the scalp.
  • They have detergent action. They dry the hair strands.
  • Sebum (oil) is maximum on the scalp and at the hair roots.So shampooing has to be started from here. The hair tip is usually dry.

CONDITIONER: They function by strengthening the hair strands.They contain substances that is incorporated into cuticle(outer most layer of the hair) making hair smoother,stronger,and more resistant to damage.

  • They flatten the cuticle and seal of any gaps in between them. They prevent split ends.
  • An intact cuticle is equal to smooth shiny hair.
  • But if applied to the scalp it becomes sticker and increases dandruff.
  • While using conditioner start from tip and go up to middle of your hair.
  • When you want to use antidandruff shampoo first use regular shampoo which removes the dirt of the scalp and then use antidandruff shampoo so that it acts better.
  • Minimum thrice a week do wash your hairs.


How to use shampoos and conditioner for the hairs

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