Laser Hair Removal Side Effects & Precautions According to a Dermatologist

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects & Precautions

With the increasing trend of fashion, permanent waxing has become one of the most anticipated beauty services among women. However, there are still a lot of questions that are still so much that are attached to permanent hair removal treatments.

From applying the painful waxing strips on our skin to using dermatologist laser hair removal services, the science of aesthetics has certainly come a long way! 

Questions like is laser hair removal safe, what are the laser hair reduction side effects, what are the disadvantages to expect after laser hair removal and much more. 

But what sounds like the best shot and a painless procedure certainly has more than a few side effects that dermatologists and aestheticians warn about.

The intent of this blog is to share all the precautions and laser hair removal side effects that your dermatologist wants you to know about. So read the blog till the end to make a uniform and unbiased decision.

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What are the side effects of laser hair treatment?

Despite what you might believe, the disadvantages of laser hair removal are not as adverse. But regardless, it is important to be aware of the downside of aesthetic laser hair removal procedures!

So take a look at the following side effects to look out for in laser hair removal:

Skin irritation and redness

Contacting Dermatologists for Laser hair removal is an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair in a painless and permanent way. The most common laser hair removal risk is experiencing bumps and immediate redness which usually go away after a few days. If you are experiencing any discomfort, swelling, or pain, stop using the laser immediately. 

Change in the colour of your skin

Laser hair removal treatments can cause a change in skin colour. Change in pigmentation and skin tone is yet another side effect of hair removal. It is important to consult your doctor before you undergo any laser hair removal treatment because they will be able to provide you with further instructions on how to manage your skin changes.

Flaring of acne and pimples 

When the light of the laser is directed to the skin, there can often be an increase in the production of natural chemicals that are released into the body which can have a negative effect on the skin. One of those adverse effects is the sudden outburst of acne and pimples on your skin which might create the effect of cystic acne.

With that we have covered majorly all the laser hair removal side effects that you might observe on your skin after your hair removal treatment procedure. So now you might be wondering if there are precautions that you can take to avoid the side effects? Well, the answer is yes. 

Important precautions for side effects of laser hair removal 

Here are a few vital precautions that you can take before opting for laser hair removal:

  • Keeping your skin protected from the sun for a minimum of 24 hours is ideally recommended by the dermatologist.
  • Also, the folks who are into gyming on a daily basis will have to avoid the dumbles and other equipment for a day at least.
  • Applying ample amounts of sunscreen is also recommended if you have just gone through a laser treatment for your skin.

Aesthetic procedures may come with more than a few side effects but their long-term benefits make them completely worth it.


Laser Hair Removal Side Effects & Precautions According to a Dermatologist

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