Should I Be Worried About My Moles?

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Do you have moles on your body that have recently changed in size, shape, or colour? If so, it’s vital that you pay attention to their changes and monitor them closely. Although, It’s normal to be worried about changes to your skin. But when particularly 

Talking about moles, there are usually not many serious issues caused by changes in your moles. But you should always be cautious about any changes to your moles.

We have highlighted the signs that indicate it might be time to get a mole removal treatment. Before going ahead, let’s understand what are Moles.

What are Moles?

Moles, often referred to as nevi, are frequent skin growths that may be harmless (non-cancerous) or even cancerous. It’s critical to be conscious of the moles and alert to any alterations in their size, form, colour, or texture. 

Signs that indicate it might be time to get a mole removal treatment

If you are seeing any visible changes to your moles, then based on these signs, you can consider consulting the best dermatologist for the treatment. What are those signs? Let’s explore.

1. Concerns about appearance: If a mole is on a visible portion of the body, some people may decide to have it removed for aesthetic reasons.

2. Modifications to the mole: Modifications to the mole’s size, shape, colour, or texture may indicate that it must be removed and checked by a dermatologist.

3. Symptoms: A mole may need to be removed if it is causing symptoms like discomfort, bleeding, or itching.

4. Skin cancer risk: A dermatologist may advise the removal of a mole as a preventative step if it has the propensity to become malignant.

It’s crucial to remember that not every mole requires removal. It’s a good idea to speak with the best dermatologist if you have questions regarding the changes you are seeing in your mole. They may assess the mole and choose the most suitable course of action.

Things to keep in mind regarding the moles

If you are concerned regarding the changes to your mole, then you should keep these things in mind. 

Regularly inspect your moles: It’s a great idea to regularly inspect your moles and become familiar with their characteristics. This will make it easier for you to notice any potential changes.

Keep an eye out for the melanoma ABCDEs: The ABCDEs are symptoms of melanoma, a sort of skin cancer which can start as a mole. These consist of:

  • Asymmetry: The mole has two unmatched halves and is not symmetrical.
  • Mole border: The mole border is irregular or jagged.
  • Colour: A mole’s colour may have altered or it may have many colours.
  • Diameter: The mole has a diameter that is more than that of an eraser from a pencil (about 6 mm).
  • Evolution: The mole has evolved over time and has seen changes in size, shape, and colour.


Is critical to be conscious of the moles and to watch out for any changes in how they seem. Therefore, if you see any of these warning signs related to the moles, you should consult the dermatologist. You can find the best dermatologist In Bangalore, Delhi and many advanced cities.


Should I Be Worried About My Moles?

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