Low Level Laser Therapy Bangalore

It is nothing but an inbuilt system of diode laser in the machine. It provides heat energy to scalp. This increases the blood supply to hairs. These improve the blood circulation of the scalp, helping to stop hair fall.

  • Duration of treatment is around 20 mins. No prick, no pain. usually done twice a week.
  • Depending on the hairfall the doctor will suggests you the number of sessions.
  • You can resume back to work within half an hour
  • Improves scalp dryness, hair texture, density of hair
  • Best results when combined with other modalities.
  • Using a anti dandruff shampoo regularly once a week.
  • Rule out other conditions like psoriasis, tachia capitis
  • Minimum head wash at least 3times a week
  • Oral medications depending on the severity.
  • Not to apply oil to scalp overnight
  • If dandruff is not properly taken care it leads to excessive hair fall, boils in the scalp.

    Low Level Laser Therapy