Double Chin Correction Treatment in Bangalore

Browsing for ” how to lose a double chin” but not getting any apt answers?

A double chin is simply excess fat in the neck area but this excess fat can influence your looks to a great level. 

Most people lose their confidence because of how they look. To get that self-confidence back, they end up looking for “how to lose a double chin”

For fast double chin reduction, most people may choose to get double chin reduction treatment. Although there are multiple types of treatments available, your doctor

Depending on your goals and the reason for your double chin, the doctor may choose:

  • Chin tuck: This type of double chin reducer treatment focuses more on the upper neck and chin. This will tighten your skin and remove the additional fat. 
  • Kybella Injection: For people who have less fat and skin on their chin, injectable medication can be used. This helps to break the fat accumulated and eliminates the byproduct. 
  • Chin liposuction: This method sucks excessive fat present under your skin. 
  • Neck Lift: This method focuses on your neck area along with your chin. 

To find the most suitable double chin treatment in Bangalore, book your appointment with the expert dermatologist today!

    Double Chin Correction Surgery
    Consider Getting A Double Chin Correction Surgery

    Why Consider Getting A Double Chin Correction Treatment?

    Ageing or excess weight loss can lead to a saggy neck or chin. This may give your face a wrinkled and old appearance. However, some people inherit the loose skin look. 

    People may wish to go for double chin correction because

    • Getting a younger and thinner-looking face. 
    • Eliminating saggy skin
    • Getting rid of wrinkles
    • Eliminating the double chin. 

    Whatever the causes are, you can reduce your double chin with proper guidance and treatment.

    To understand the treatment procedure in detail, get in touch with Aarna clinic. Backed by the team of experienced doctors we are touted professionals for double chin removal Treatment in Bangalore.

    Why Choose Aarna Clinic for Double Chin Reduction Treatment?

    Delivering reliable and authentic services to all! 

    Latest Tools and Techniques

    Aarna is working towards making considerable changes in the medical and plastic treatment field. We follow the latest techniques and best tools possible to treat you comfortably and at the same time provide long-lasting and satisfactory results. 

    Affordable Prices

    Get your double chin removal in Bangalore done at the most competitive rates. At Aarna clinic, we have kept our prices very competitive so that everyone can afford this treatment. 

    Comprehensive Cosmetic Treatments and Guidance

    At Aarna, we ensure to find the best course of action for your treatment. Based on your current situation and analysis, we decide if you have to go for a single or combination of services to provide you with positive results. The team considers all the possible options and chooses the best one for you. 

    Are you still wondering where and how to remove the double chin? Send us your query and book an appointment today!

    Preparation for Double Chin Correction Treatment

    “What preparation should I do before going for double chin fat removal?” We get to hear this question a lot of times and we must say it’s a valid one! 

    Along with preparing yourself mentally to go through the double chin fat removal in Bangalore, you also have to prepare yourself physically. 

    Therefore, before your treatment, the doctor will first check if you are the right candidate for the procedure or not. He may also mark incisions to give you a look at your double chin before and after the Treatment and will further discuss the course of action. 

    Before your treatment, you will have to:

    • Get a blood test done to ensure that you have good vitals and no underlying diseases. 
    • Quit smoking and drinking. 
    • Quit taking certain medicines including supplements and painkillers. 

    Preparing yourself may require more or less steps in your case. To get a clear picture of the procedure, visit our clinic and talk to the experienced doctors.

    Procedure of Double Chin Correction Treatment

    Double chin treatment procedure depends on the type of procedure that you have chosen. Generally, the procedure is performed in the doctor’s office only and takes up to 45 minutes to complete. 

    At the time of double chin removal treatment, the team will perform the following procedure. 

    • To begin with, the team will help you change into a hospital gown and lead you to the treatment table. 
    • The doctor will then administer anaesthesia. 
    • After that, the team will prepare and clear the treatment area’s skin properly to avoid any kind of infection. 
    • They will then make marks on your skin with a marker or pen. 
    • Now, the team will start making incisions on the marks that they have made. The size of incisions also varies as per the type of double chin fat reduction treatment you have chosen. 
    • They will then reposition and shape the tissues to get rid of the double chin and give your face the look that you want. 
    • Next, they will sew your face back by tightening your muscles. 
    • After removing the extra skin, the team will perform liposuction to remove excess fat. 
    • The incisions will now be closed with the help of skin glue or stitches. 
    • Other than this, the team may also apply bandages or a chin strap.

    Recovery After Double Chin Correction Treatment

    Understanding the recovery process is preliminary before going for double chin reduction treatment in Bangalore. This helps you to plan your treatment as you may have to take some time off from your work! 

    Discomfort is common after double chin reduction treatment. Some people may also face bruising, swelling and tightness in the skin. Such effects may take up to two weeks to go away. 

    However, it may take some months for incision marks to go away. Moreover, if there are drains near your incisions, the team will have to remove them after some time. In case you face any severe side effects, it is always better to talk to the dermatologist. To get the best care post and at the time of your treatment, Aarna clinic is your place!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Double Chin Reduction in Bangalore

    • What Are The Benefits Of Double Chin Reduction?

    A double chin reduction treatment is suitable for people who have excess fat on their chin and wish to have a sleek and thinner look on the chin. This also makes their face look defined and well-shaped. 

    • Am I The Right Candidate For Double Chin Correction Treatment?

    Candidates who undergo double chin treatment must not have any serious health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or any problem related to the lungs and heart. Other than this, if the candidate smokes or drinks, you will have to quit for some time. 

    • What Are The Complications And Risks Of Double Chin Correction Treatment?

    Some common complications associated with double chin correction treatment include bleeding, infection, and reaction to any medication or anaesthesia. After the treatment, you may encounter symptoms like bruising and swelling which is completely normal. However, if you notice such symptoms for a longer time, it is advised to visit your double chin reduction clinic to seek help. 

    • Does double chin come back after treatment?

    Double chin reduction treatment includes liposuction in which fat cells are destroyed. This makes the whole treatment permanent and there are very less chances that you will see your double chin grow back. 

    • How long does it take to recover from chin reduction treatment?

    The average time to recover from double chin removal treatment varies between 7 to 10 days. The patient is advised to sleep and take most rest in this span of time. 

    • How do you sleep after chin reduction treatment?

    Since you will have Stitches under your face after the double chin reduction treatment, it is advised to sleep on your back. Sleeping on your face can cause friction which may aggravate the tissues.

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