HIFU Facelift Treatment in Bangalore

Say goodbye to painful treatments and say yes to painless facelift treatment! 

HIFU is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment to tighten your skin with the help of ultrasound rays. This painless method uses lights which are different from the ones used in lasers, Radiofrequency and IPL. 

The HIFU treatment focuses on improving the structure of the foundation or dermal layers of your skin which in turn makes your skin glow, supple and plump. However, the complete procedure which will be followed depends on your case analysis.

Are you still finding an answer to what HIFU treatment is? 

HIFU Face lift treatment is no miracle! It’s a combination of technology with expertise. To know in-depth about this treatment, drop a query to our expert. We are never too busy to not answer you

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    Hifu Facelift For Sagging Skin
    HIFU Facelift Treatment

    How Effective Is HIFU Facelift For Sagging Skin?

    Are you aware? 

    The number of procedures performed from 2012 to 2017 has increased by approximately 64.8 per cent

    Painless procedures including hifu face and neck lifts have become quite popular in the past few years simply because you get satisfactory results without much hassle. 

    HIFU treatment is a safe, non-invasive and effective procedure for facial skin tightening. The benefits of HIFU treatment over treatment procedures can not be underestimated

    Some patients have said that they have observed improvement in their skin after a 3-month follow-up. At the same time, other patients have observed that the changes persist for at least 6 months. 

    Choose the most effective method for your treatment!

    Get an honest analysis of your condition and get to know the best course of action for you. Simply, visit our HIFU clinic and meet our doctors.

    Why Choose Aarna Clinic for HIFU Facelift Treatment?

    Treatments led by experienced and renowned doctors! 

    Use Of Latest Technologies

    At Aarna, we are committed to provide you with the best and quality treatment for which we use latest and advanced techniques and tools. We make sure to adopt new techniques and tools to make the whole treatment more comfortable, convenient and easier for you. 

    Short Waiting Times

    Aarna Clinic stands as the best hifu clinic in Bangalore because of the convenience it offers to its patients. We ensure to keep waiting times short for all our patients and get started with the treatment as soon as possible. 

    Don’t sit back and delay. Book appointment today!

    Follow Aseptic Precautions

    We care for your safety more than anything else. This is why throughout your HIFU treatment in Bangalore, we follow all the aseptic precautions to ensure that you do not get any infections. The whole team maintains proper hygiene and cleanliness. 

    Visit our clinic and book an appointment to get guidance from our top doctors. They will analyse your current situation and will provide you with the best solution for the same!

    Preparation For Hifu Treatment

    Prep yourself properly before your treatment to get effective results! 

    • Do not go out in the sun too often as it may lead to sunburn or tanned skin. If your skin is tanned recently, it won’t be treated with HIFU treatment. 
    • Avoid using any kind of chemicals that can hurt your skin. 
    • You may also have to go through certain blood tests before your hifu facial treatment to check your vitals. 
    • Do not take any painkillers or antibiotics before the treatment. 

    Take pictures to analyse hifu before and after effects to check if the treatment is effective or not.

    Procedure of Hifu Treatment

    Hifu treatment is quite a simple procedure. Before your treatment, make sure that you are not wearing any makeup or have used any kind of skin care product. 

    • To begin with, the doctor will clean the area which needs to be operated on. 
    • The doctor may have to apply topical anaesthesia before proceeding with the procedure. 
    • Next, the doctor will apply an! Ultrasound gel on the area. 
    • When done, the doctor will place the HIFU machine on your skin. 
    • With the help of an ultrasound viewer, the technician will adjust the machine on the skin. 
    • The energy will then be delivered to the skin in the form of small pulses. The whole procedure can take up to 90 minutes to complete. 
    • When it is done, the doctor will remove the machine. 

    There are chances that you may need additional sessions to tighten your facial skin. 

    Your way to satisfactory results ahead!

    Know how many sessions you will need for HIFU treatment to get satisfactory results from the experts themselves!

    Book your appointments today at the best HIFU treatment clinic in Bangalore.

    Recovery And After Care For Hifu Treatment

    When it comes to cosmetic and aesthetic treatment, post-treatment care is what makes the whole difference. 

    Along with hifu treatment aftercare, following good skin care is important to keep your skin clean and healthy. 

    1. Avoid going out in the sun for some time. This will help you prevent any kind of hyperpigmentation and sunburn. 
    2. Do not drink alcohol for some time as alcohol can make your recovery slow and reduce the density of your blood as well. 
    3. Another thing that you have to avoid is scratching your skin. Since your skin is very sensitive after the treatment, scratching it can lead to rashes and hurt your skin. 
    4. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Water increases collagen production in your body which ultimately helps your body to recover. 
    5. Another  important thing that you have to consider is to avoid taking hot baths. Make sure to bathe only with cold water as it will help release natural body oils and prevent irritation. 

    Depending on the complexity of your case, there are chances that extra aftercare is required in your case. To know the exact aftercare routine that you have to follow, visit us today.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hifu Treatment in Bangalore

    • Can HIFU Replace a Face Lift Procedure?

    Yes, HIFU is a skin tightening treatment which is non-invasive and pain-free at the same time. The procedure helps in improving the foundation layers of your skin and provides effective results. Therefore, this procedure is often considered a replacement for a facelift. 

    • How Long Will a HIFU Treatment Take?

    Each session of the HIFU treatment can take a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes. Though, it completely depends on the condition of the target area and the goal of treatment. 

    • How Long Does it Take to See Results and How Long Do They Last?

    Generally, you can observe the results of the HIFU treatment after 12 weeks of your initial treatment. However, further improvement in the area may take up to 6 months to show. When it comes to the effectiveness of results, the results are quite permanent on your skin. Though, one thing you need to know is that you will have to repeat it after 6 to 8 weeks after the treatment. 

    • Is one session of HIFU enough?

    Yes, for a facelift, a single session of HIFU treatment will be enough. 

    • What is the Difference Between HIFU and Other Laser Procedures?

    The major difference between HIFU and other laser procedures is that HIFU uses ultrasound waves to tighten the skin whereas other treatments use light energy beams. Other than this, the HIFU treatment works on the dermal layer whereas laser treatments focus on the outer layer.

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